The Marvel of Eytan Zana and Pinterest


A couple of months ago I used to have a big folder in my hard drive named “References” or “Favorite Artist” but a couple of months ago my hard-drive crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. I lost all of it, all my info, all my works.

It was painful, but instead of dwelling about it I decided to make the best of it. I started fresh clean, I took it as an opportunity to start all over again. So I wen’t online and deleted my old website, after retrieving only the pieces I was proud of and would like to keep.

After doing this I felt relieved, it felt like taking out the trash and cleaning your room, you get that sort of feeling of accomplishment and start to feel like everything’s going to improve from now on.

I now believe it was for the best, I have a bigger stronger reference collection, one that narrows it only to the best, my hard-drive only contains stuff that are useful to me, I learned that you can’t trust hard drives and you always need to keep backups of your stuff.

I now use Dropbox, I even pay 10$ for 1000 GB of storage space and I am happier than ever, I have more than enough space there and It’s safe in most of my computers now, that took care of my lack of having a NAS or having a RAID setup (for now) and while trying to gather some references and looking for my favorite artists again, It came to memory that I had a Pinterest account, at first I had no use for this page I didn’t quite understand it but after giving it a couple of tries now I find myself ALWAYS USING IT.

Even when I am not directly at I am using the Pin it function that you can install on your browser, so no matter where I am online I can pin stuff directly to my boards.

I encourage you to try out Pitnerest and find a way to use it to your advantage, you’ll find plenty of uses for it. I love it!. Pinterest has now become my number one tool for inspiration and reference these days. You can find my boards here:

One of the jewels I have found in one of these pinterest scavengers hunt, was Eytan Zana (featured image), his works are amazingly infused with magic, gorgeous composition and beautiful mood/color.
You can find his blog here at He’s blog is really inspiring, even his black and white thumbnails look amazing !

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